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Episode 002: Hand Knitting is Not Machine Knitting

Anne tackles her fear of moving past the preliminary swatch in the Master Hand Knitting program, shares her latest projects, and review The Book of Wool.

002: Hand Knitting is Not Machine Knitting

Released: February 12, 2019

In this episode, Anne talks in greater detail about the preliminary swatch she talked about in the last episode. Specifically, she talks about how the imperfections nearly halted her progress for good, until some wise words silenced the negative voice in her head.

It may seem like a minor thing, but we often get caught up on the imperfections in the “minor things” and keep ourselves from doing bigger things as a result. We are not machines, and shouldn’t hold ourselves to a standard of constant perfection. It’s ok to make mistakes, as long as we learn along the way and we fix the things we can.

Anne moves on to discuss a series of items she finished in the last two weeks. Visit her Ravelry account for photos and information about the Loving Embrace shawl, cacti, Grosgrain Hat, and Girlfriends cowls.

Anne has been knitting for over 20 years and has never knit socks. She needs to start learning the ins and outs of the process before she moves on to level 2 of the Master Hand Knitter Program. If you have a favorite sock pattern you can recommend, send her an email at anne @ familypodcasts . com.

Book Review

Anne gives a brief review of The Knitter’s Book of Wool: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding, Using, and Loving this Most Fabulous Fiber, by Clara Parkes. It is a fascinating read about the structure of wool fibers and yarns, the benefits of blending certain fibers with wool, and general information on the cleaning and care of wool. Where this book really shines, though, is the breed-by-breed comparison of the types of wool available to knitters and spinners. The information is presented in a non-technical format that is approachable to anyone. Anne loved it so much that after borrowing a copy, she bought a copy for herself to keep on hand.

Featured Music

The first song featured was “Yippee!” by Loyalty Freak Music is available on the Free Music Archive.

The second song was “Fireworks” by Jahzarr is available on the Free Music Archive.

If you are a musician who would like a song featured on the program, or if you have comments or feedback, please contact the show at anne@familypodcasts.com.

Social Media

You can follow Anne on Instagram or Ravelry as @ithoughtiknewhow.

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