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Episode 049: The Holiday Episode

Take a break and listen to some holiday memories from Anne and your fellow listeners.

Take a break and listen to some holiday memories from Anne and your fellow listeners.

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Jana’s interview with Shana about Hanukkah on the Purl Together YouTube Channel
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Mary Maxim’s Christmas Tree Pullover
Spring Harvest Farm
Find Shelly on Instagram and Ravelry
Kelly Vaughn’s Document Geek Blog
Christmas and the Love of Documentation
KnitSwag on Etsy and on Instagram
Find Monika on Instagram
The Light the World calendar with ideas for daily service.

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Music from the Episode

“Candle,” by Roberto Diana
Silent Night,” by Robbie Cavanaugh
It’s Christmastime Again,” by Nicholas Rowe
Lucky Day,” by Zach Nelson
Thankful,” by Bitmusic Pro



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