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Episode 040: Yarn Haulin’

Anne shares her experience on the Great Northern Yarn Haul, talks a bit about what's on her needles, shares what it's been like to wear the same wool dress every day for a month, and comments on a few more tidbits.

Anne shares her experience on the Great Northern Yarn Haul, talks a bit about what’s on her needles, shares what it’s been like to wear the same wool dress every day for a month, and comments on a few more tidbits.

Links to Things Mentioned in This Episode

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Lark’s Alvina Shawl
Shawls, Wraps, and Scarves, by Louisa Harding
Morehouse Farm Lace in Monet’s Garden.
Shetland Wool Week
MRI Maakers
Jamieson and Smith 2-ply jumper weight
The Art of Fair Isle Knitting, by Ann Feitelson
Great Northern Yarn Haul
Spinning Yarns in Dover, NH
The Yarn Sellar in York, ME
Olive Oyl Sweater, by Fable Knitwear
KnitWit in Portland, ME
Painting Bricks Shawl by Stephen West
Cloverworks Farm in Irasburg, VT
Vermont Fiber Mill and Studio in Brandon, VT
Scratch Supply Co. in Lebanon, NH
Yarn & Yoga in Bristol, VT
The Beekeeper’s Quilt by tiny owl knits
Two Sisters Mill and Mercantile in Jeffersonville, VT
The Northeast Fiber Arts Center in Williston, VT
The Elegant Ewe in Concord, VT
The Master Hand Knitter Program
Garth’s Croft Bressay
Tansie Shawl by Louisa Harding
The I Thought I Knew How Group on FaceBook

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I have been doing a fairly extreme test run of one of the dresses from Wool&: I’ve worn my Rowena Swing Dress every day for the last month, and will continue until I’ve worn it for 100 days in a row. After 30 days, I feel pretty confident recommending it to you. Because it’s mostly wool, I can wear it for multiple days before I need to wash it as long as I hang it up over night. The dress is fresh by morning. It can be washed and dried by machine, but because I’m committed to wear it for 100 days, I want to be gentle with it, so I’m hand washing it in my bathroom sink as needed. After squeezing it in a towel, I hang it up and it’s dry by morning. The dress is comfy and has kept me cool on 94F days. I love it! If you want to give one of their dresses a try, use my link and you’ll be helping to support the show at no additional cost to you!


“I Would,” by Sarah Miria Jo and “World Goes Wild,” by Louis Youlin.

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