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Episode 038: Karen Riehl of Poppy’s Pompom

Anne interviews Karen Riehl about the upcycled fur pompoms, samoyed yarn, and possum yarn available from Poppy's Pompom.

Anne interviews Karen Riehl about the upcycled fur pompoms, samoyed yarn, and possum yarn available from Poppy’s Pompom.

Links to Things Mentioned in This Episode

Find all the ways to help the show on the Be a Booster page.
Follow I Thought I Knew How on Pinterest, and feel free to tell Anne how she can make the podcast Pinterest account more helpful for you.
The Online International Fiber Festival account on Instagram.
Follow the Morehouse Merino Flock and I Thought I Knew How Facebook Groups for the KAL starting July 31, 2020!
Shawls, Wraps, and Scarves by Louisa Harding.
The Lark’s Alvina Shawl.
Morehouse Farm Merino Lace. (You’ll need 2 oz to knit the Lark’s Alvina as written). Also, check the Variegated Lace and Larger Lace Skeins links.
Monet’s Garden colorway
Willow colorway
Poppy’s Pompom (Have Samoyed yarn to contribute? Contact Karen through her website!)
Poppy’s Pompom on Instagram and Facebook and YouTube.
The video of Poppy and Stubbs on YouTube.
Subscribe to the I Thought I Knew How Podcast channel while you’re there!
We never circled back to the environmental impacts of acrylic yarn, but you can find a thorough breakdown of the pros and cons of acrylic in a Createlet article here.
Twist Fibre Festival in Saint-Andre-Avellin, Quebec, Canada.
Basic Norwegian Star Hat pattern.
Listen to episode 37 for a breakdown of the whys and wherefores of possum fiber yarn.
The Love of Colour is a Canada-based dyer with kits and supplies for home dyers, in case you’d like to try dyeing your Poppy and the Professor yarn.
The link to the giveaway on Facebook from KnitSwag from the last episode. Get there quickly! I’ll pick a winner on July 22! KnitSwag has a coupon code for us until July 22th. AWESOMEPOSSUM will get you 15% off many of the things in her shop.


Mae Klingler’s “I Don’t Miss You at All.”

Listeners with a Music Unlimited account on Amazon can listen to the I Thought I Knew How playlist, which has all the songs from the podcast that are available on Amazon in one place.


There was no real sponsor for this episode, but you can find links to all the affiliates of the program on the Be a Booster page.
Instead of highlighting a sponsor, I’d like to point you to another charity I just learned about. Stash dive for some cotton or majority cotton yarn, and knit or crochet some soap sacks for the local food pantry or homeless shelter! Soap S.A.C.K. has links to websites that will help you find a local place to donate, or you can send them in for them to donate.



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