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Episode 023: All Sorts

In this episode, Anne shares some additional details about the upcoming Maakin for the MRI knit along, upcoming appearances, a yarn review of Brown Sheep's Stratosphere, and mail angst.

In this episode, Anne shares some additional details about the upcoming Maakin for the MRI knit along, upcoming appearances, a yarn review of Brown Sheep’s Stratosphere, and mail angst.

Links to things mentioned in the show

Thank you to those who sponsor the show through Patreon!
If you start the Yarn Stash Destash 2019 goals late, you can find them by searching on Instagram for #yarnstashdestash2019.
Please take a moment to fill in the knitting retreat questionnaire.
More information and colors of Brown Sheep Stratosphere yarn.
The Chatham Scarf.
For the Maakin for the MRI Knit Along:
* Pick your pattern at the MRI Maakers site.
* Join the discussion thread in the Purl Together Ravelry Group so you can post photos of your progress and be entered to win prizes.
* Subscribe to I Thought I Knew How and Purl Together on YouTube so you see the tutorials as they are produced.
Many thanks to the sponsors of our prizes: Ashcroft Makers, Merrily by Design, Morehouse Farm, and Prairie Bag Works!
I will be at the Morehouse Farm booth on January 18 at 1 pm at Vogue Knitting Live. Come by to say hi, pick up a pattern from the Harriet’s Collection to support the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal and touch the lovely Morehouse Farm Merino!
You can also catch me at their booth at Stitches United in Hartford, CT, on March 28, 2020, at 10, 1, and 3 for trivia!
The dates for Loch Ness Knit Fest in 2020 will be October 23-25.

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Songs in this Episode

Doug Hoyer’s “With You in My Arms” and “Wilderness,” by Anica Stemper.

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